Laurel & Hardy Films

Laurel And Hardy Classic Shorts - A Job To Do

Laurel & Hardy , 1930s

Includes shorts Busy Bodies; Double Whoopee; Hog Wild; Dirty Work; Finishing Touch; Music Box and Hats Off. More

£5.99 DVD

Laurel & Hardy - March Of The Wooden Soldiers

Laurel & Hardy , 1934

Better known as 'Babes In Toyland', this nine-reeler was Oliver Hardy's personal favourite. A comedy operetta revolving around Santa Claus's totally inept as... More

£5.99 DVD

Laurel And Hardy - Classic Comedy Shorts - Vol. 4

Laurel & Hardy , 1923-7

Some classic early silent films featuring the then separate talent of Stan and Ollie. Hardy features in 'Should Sailors Marry', 'Fluttering Hearts' and 'Craz... More

£17.09 DVD

Laurel And Hardy Classic Shorts - L&H And The Law

Laurel & Hardy , 1930s

Includes restored and colourised versions of various shorts: Scram!, Night Owls, The Second Hundred Years, Call of the Cuckoo, Duck Soup, Forty-Five Minutes ... More

£5.99 DVD

Bonnie Scotland

Laurel & Hardy , 1935

Stan and Ollie stowaway to Scotland expecting to inherit the MacLaurel estate - where they find that Stan's inheritance amounts to nothing more than a set of... More

£10.49 DVD

Laurel And Hardy Classic Shorts - Blackmail

Laurel & Hardy , 1930s

Includes b/w and colourised versions of Chickens Come Home; Spanish language version; Restored versions of Come Clean, Love 'Em and weep, Sugar Daddies and E... More

£5.99 DVD