Various (Compilation) Films

Various (Compilation), 1912-2011


Recommended Star

Here's a Health to the Barley Mow: A Century of Folk Customs a...

From Cornwall’s 'sexy, savage’ Spring-time Mayday r...


Various (Compilation), 2014


Girls On Film: The First Date

From the studio that created the world’s most successful short film collection, B...


Various (Compilation), 2010-12


Boys On Film X

The tenth edition of the successful gay-themed shorts series takes things further than ever befor...


Various (Compilation), 1951-57


Classic Sci-Fi Box Set

7 classic fifties science fiction films. Features Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), The Thin...


Various (Compilation), 1948-51


Recommended Star

Three Films by Somerset Maugham: Trio, Encore and Quartet

Three sets of adaptations of Somerset Maugham's sho...


Various (Compilation), 1977


Recommended Star

Shadows of Progress: Documentary Film in Post-war Britain (195...

An astounding collection of rare, unseen and otherw...


Various (Compilation), 2009


Boys On Film: Volume 4 - Protect Me from What I Want

A collection of gay-themed short films including Pr...


Various (Compilation), 1949-53


Alec Guinness Collection (Screen Icons)

Five films from one of the most versatile and sensitive of actors. Contains: K...


Various (Compilation), 2013


Boys On Film XI

Boys on Film 11 is the most eclectic collection to date, featuring stories from every walk of gay...


John Sichel, Laurence Olivier, 1936-1983


Laurence Olivier Shakespeare Collection

Six memorable performances from Laurence Olivier, one of the world's greatest Sha...


Various (Compilation), 2011


Boys On Film: Volume 8 - Cruel Britannia

The hugely popular Boys On Film series returns with an eclectic collection of Bri...


Various (Compilation), 1952-72


John Mills Collection (Screen Icons)

Four films from one of Britain's most distinguished leading actors. Comprises: Th...


A. Edward Sutherland, George Marshall, 1932-1941


Recommended Star

WC Fields Collection

WC Fields was one of the great comic personas of American cinema. Lugubrious, misanthropic and la...


Various (Compilation), 2007-08


Boys On Film: Volume 2 - In Too Deep

A second volume of sexy and uplifting shorts from acclaimed directors from across...


Various (Compilation), 1962-2008


James Bond: Bond 50

Box set containing all 22 James Bond movies produced so far: 'Dr No' (1962), 'From Russia With Lo...


Various (Compilation), 1970-87


Mordant Music: MisinforMation

MisinforMation came about as a result of the BFI asking mysterious music makers M...


Various (Compilation), 1957-63


The Tommy Steele Collection

Out on DVD for the first time, these four films comprise rock’n’roll legend Tommy...


Various (Compilation), 2009-2011


Boys on Film: Volume 7 - Bad Romance

Boys On Film explores the darker side of romance with a collection of edgy, contr...