Lennie Mayne Films

Doctor Who: Peladon Tales

Lennie Mayne, 1974

Features two Doctor Who stories written by Brian Hayles and set on the planet of Peladon - The Curse of Peladon and its sequel The Monster of Peladon, both f... More

£14.99 DVD

Doctor Who: Revisitations 3

Lennie Mayne, Morris Barry, 1967-77

Special Editions of three classic Doctor Who releases with exclusive new special features: The Tomb of the Cybermen (1967 - with Patrick Troughton), The Thre... More

£34.99 DVD

Doctor Who: The Hand of Fear

Lennie Mayne, 1976

After Sarah Jane becomes trapped under tons of rock in a quarry, she eventually emerges clutching a hand. What power does this hand have over her? To answer ... More

£16.99 DVD