David Askey Films

Bless Me Father (Complete Series)

David Askey, 1978

When a newly ordained young priest, Neil Boyd, comes to the parish of St Jude's, he discovers that nothing in the seminary could have prepared him for Father... More

£22.49 DVD

Second Thoughts (Series 1)

David Askey, Robin Carr, 1991

All seven episodes of the first series about two middle-aged divorcees trying to maintain a crumbling relationship against the odds. Adapted from a long-runn... More

£17.99 DVD

Second Thoughts: Series 2

David Askey, 1992

Starring sitcom favourites James Bolam, Lynda Bellingham, Julia Sawalha and Belinda Lang, this hit comedy series was inspired by the real-life relationship o... More

£24.99 DVD

Backs to the Land: Series 1

David Askey, John Davies, 1977

A popular Anglia sitcom, Backs to the Land focuses on the experiences of three Womenís Land Army volunteers with very different backgrounds. Dizzy debutante ... More

£11.99 DVD

Bless Me Father (Series 1)

David Askey, 1978

Arthur Lowe stars as crusty Father Duddleswell in this sitcom set in the 1950s, in which he tries to maintain traditional values in a rapidly changing world. More


Executive Stress: Series 1

John Howard Davies, David Askey, 1986

With her five children now grown up, Caroline Fairchild (Penelope Keith) decides to resume her former career in the cut-throat world of publishing. Against t... More

£11.99 DVD

Second Thoughts: The Complete Series

David Askey, 1991

Every episode of the British television comedy drama starring James Bolam and Linda Bellingham. The series follows Bill and Faith (Bolam and Bellingham), a m... More

£36.49 DVD