David Askey Films

Backs to the Land: Series 1

David Askey, John Davies, 1977

A popular Anglia sitcom, Backs to the Land focuses on the experiences of three Women’s Land Army volunteers with very different backgrounds. Dizzy debutante ... More

£11.99 DVD

Bless Me Father (Complete Series)

David Askey, 1978

When a newly ordained young priest, Neil Boyd, comes to the parish of St Jude's, he discovers that nothing in the seminary could have prepared him for Father... More

£14.99 DVD

Executive Stress: Series 1

John Howard Davies, David Askey, 1986

With her five children now grown up, Caroline Fairchild (Penelope Keith) decides to resume her former career in the cut-throat world of publishing. Against t... More

£11.99 DVD

Second Thoughts (Series 1)

David Askey, Robin Carr, 1991

All seven episodes of the first series about two middle-aged divorcees trying to maintain a crumbling relationship against the odds. Adapted from a long-runn... More

£17.99 DVD

Second Thoughts: Series 2

David Askey, 1992

Starring sitcom favourites James Bolam, Lynda Bellingham, Julia Sawalha and Belinda Lang, this hit comedy series was inspired by the real-life relationship o... More

£24.99 DVD

Second Thoughts: The Complete Series

David Askey, 1991

Every episode of the British television comedy drama starring James Bolam and Linda Bellingham. The series follows Bill and Faith (Bolam and Bellingham), a m... More

£27.99 DVD