Paul Lynch Films

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Series 1-7

Paul Lynch, Various (TV), 2000

Every episode from all 7 seasons of the popular 'Star Trek' spin-off series. Incorporating a complex political backdrop that mirrored that of the times, Star... More

£80.49 DVD

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Complete Season 2

Paul Lynch, 1989

The entire second series of the first 'Star Trek' spin-off. Patrick Stewart stars as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. More

£33.49 Blu-ray

Prom Night: The Complete Collection

Paul Lynch, 1992

Box set of all four of the high school horror films. 'Prom Night' (1980) is set on the anniversary of the accidental death of a young girl, killed by four ki... More

£20.99 DVD

The Keeper

Paul Lynch, 2003

Dennis Hopper and Asia Argento star in this tense and terrifying thriller. An exotic dancer, Gina, is attacked after a show. Her boyfriend is killed in the a... More

£5.99 DVD