Geoffrey Sax Films

Christopher and His Kind

Geoffrey Sax, 2010

An involving and entertaining BBC drama written by Kevin Elyot, Christopher and His Kind is based on the life of writer Christopher Isherwood (Matt Smith). ... More

£12.99 DVD

Doctor Who - The Movie

Geoffrey Sax, 1996

After The Master’s apparent extermination, The Doctor takes his remains back to Gallifrey. The Master however is not really dead and forces the Tardis to mak... More

£16.99 DVD

Framed (Complete Series)

Geoffrey Sax, 1992

Aka Lynda La Plante's Framed. Jackson is an ambitious police officer with wife and children. Myers is an escaped criminal turned informer who has reinvented ... More

£13.99 DVD

Murder on the Home Front

Geoffrey Sax, 2013

Patrick Kennedy and Tamzin Merchant star in this two-part wartime crime drama set during the Blitz. Loosely based on the diaries of Molly Lefebure, secre... More

£8.99 DVD

Tipping the Velvet

Geoffrey Sax, 2002

The slightly raunchy BBC drama that, more than anything, is a passionate love story between two Victorian women. Set in the 1890s, it follows the rise of Kit... More

£9.99 DVD

White Noise

Geoffrey Sax, 2005

Believers of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) argue that the dead can communicate from beyond the grave through the static produced from electronic equipment... More

£6.99 DVD