Jake Auerbach Films

The Last Art Film

Jake Auerbach, 2012

This is a film about art; not the history of art or the academic study of art or the fluctuations in the art market or the latest exhibition - but it is abou... More

£13.49 DVD

Lucian Freud: Portraits

Jake Auerbach, 2004

Aka Sitting for Lucian Freud. As a way of getting close to the notoriously private painter, filmmaker Jake Auerbach and Freud's biographer William Feaver int... More

£13.99 DVD

Paula Rego: Telling Tales

Jake Auerbach, 2009

Born in Portugal, Paula Rego is one of Britainís leading artists. This intimate film follows the artist from her retrospective at the Reina Sofia in Madrid b... More

£13.99 DVD

Rodin: The Sculptors' View

Jake Auerbach,

Eight of Britain's leading contemporary sculptors agreed to look afresh at Rodin's work and gauge its influence almost a century after his death. More

£13.99 DVD

Allen Jones: Women and Men

Jake Auerbach, 2007

An exploration of the work of controversial pop artist Allen Jones, whose erotic sculptures have angered feminists, challenged his contemporaries, and deligh... More

£13.99 DVD

John Virtue: London

Jake Auerbach, 2005

Chronicles John Virtue's decision to accept the request from the National Gallery to paint the landscape of London. More

£13.99 DVD

Kitaj ... In the Picture

Jake Auerbach,

A documentary focusing on the life and works of popular artist RB Kitaj. The film charts his life, from his early days growing up in New York, to working as ... More

£13.99 DVD

Recommended Star

Sickert's London

Jake Auerbach, 1992

Although Walter Sickert is considered the father of modern British painting, he was born in Germany. He became Britainís most famous artist but after his dea... More

£13.99 DVD


Jake Auerbach, 2003

Documentary that looks at the enduring appeal of Titian's paintings and his pre-eminence as one of the masters of the Italian Renaissance. Discussing his wor... More

£13.99 DVD