C M Pennington-Richards Films

Double Bunk

C M Pennington-Richards, 1961

A pair of newlyweds are tricked into buying a rundown houseboat in this classic 1960s comedy starring Sid James. When the fog starts to fall the couple soon ... More

£9.99 DVD

Inn For Trouble

C M Pennington-Richards, 1960

A comedy in which London couple Alf and Ada Larkin are given a country pub to manage, only to find their troubles are just beginning. More

£8.99 DVD

Ladies Who Do

C M Pennington-Richards, 1963

A group of charladies make a fortune at the stock market by making good use of tips salvaged from their employers' waste paper baskets. Soon they are the one... More

£11.99 DVD

A Challenge for Robin Hood

C M Pennington-Richards, 1967

Hammer Film Productions drama based on the adventures of folk hero Robin Hood. Barrie Ingham stars as Robin de Courtenay, a young nobleman who is falsely acc... More

£10.99 DVD

Best of British Comedy

Charles Crichton, C M Pennington-Richards, 1959-63

A set of classic British comedy, containing Battle of the Sexes (Crichton, 1959), Ladies Who Do (Pennington-Richards, 1963) and The Boy Who Stole a Million (... More

£16.99 DVD

The Buccaneers (1956): Complete Series

C M Pennington-Richards, 1956-57

Robert Shaw stars in this 1950s swashbuckler series set in the early 1600s on the exotic Caribbean island of New Providence. Captain Dan Tempest (Shaw) is a ... More

£23.99 DVD