David Miller Films

Lonely Are the Brave

David Miller, 1962

Kirk Douglas ignites the screen with one of his most personal roles as a cowboy on a collision course with the modern world in Lonely Are the Brave, which se... More

£7.99 DVD

Sudden Fear

David Miller, 1952

A fine film noir thriller in which, after Jack Palance's ambitious actor insinuates himself into the life of Joan Crawford's wealthy middle-aged playwright a... More

£12.99 DVD

Midnight Lace

David Miller, 1960

Set in London a newly-wed heiress is slowly driven mad by a series of life-threatening phone calls and near-fatal 'accidents'. More

£8.99 DVD

Flying Tigers

David Miller, 1942

An exciting, Boy's Own-style adventure in which American civilians fly for China against the Japanese. Nominated for three Oscars, including one for its supe... More

£8.99 DVD

John Wayne: War Collection

Allan Dwan, Edward Dmytryk, 1957

Contains four classic John Wayne war films - Flying Tigers (Miller, 1942), Back to Bataan (Dmytryk, 1945), Sands of Iwo Jima (Dwan, 1949) and Jet Pilot (Von ... More

£12.99 DVD