Herbert Ross Films

Funny Girl / Funny Lady

William Wyler, Herbert Ross, 1968-75

Contains Funny Girl (Wyler, 1968) and Funny Lady (Ross, 1975). Funny Girl: One of the most popular movie musicals ever made, Funny Girl follows the early ... More

£9.99 DVD

The Seven Percent Solution

Herbert Ross, 1976

Dr. Watson tricks Sherlock Holmes into travelling to Vienna in order to place him in the care of Sigmund Freud after his abuse of cocaine starts to spiral ou... More

£6.99 DVD

Turning Point

Herbert Ross, 1977

Shirley MacLaine and Anne Bancroft star in this musical drama and touching portrait of the world of dance in New York City. A ballet star is reunited with he... More

£11.99 DVD

Steel Magnolias

Herbert Ross, 1989

The loves, lives and heartbreaks of six southern belles. Smile and sniffle with the best. A female bonding story, Steel Magnolias is adapted from the play... More

£16.99 DVD