Jack Lee Films

The Wooden Horse

Jack Lee, 1950

Gripping war drama, where a bunch of British prisoners of war attempt to escape from a Nazi prison camp by tunnelling under a vaulting horse. Based on a nove... More

£8.99 DVD

Great British Movies of the 1940s

John Paddy Carstairs, Jack Lee, 1948-49

A box set of four classic films from the 1940s, containing Sleeping Car to Trieste (Carstairs, 1948), It's Not Cricket (Roome & Rich, 1949), All Over the Tow... More

£21.99 DVD

Recommended Star

Turn the Key Softly

Jack Lee, 1953

Based on a novel by John Brophy, psychological drama Turn the Key Softly follows the stories of three women in the twenty-four hours after they are released ... More

£8.99 DVD

A Town Like Alice (Special Edition)

Jack Lee, 1956

A group of English women find themselves in a Japanese POW camp. Untold atrocities ensue. More

£8.99 DVD

Great British Actors: Dirk Bogarde

Brian Desmond Hurst, Ralph Thomas, 1947-64

A collection of films starring actor Dirk Bogarde: Simba, So Long at the Fair, Once a Jolly Swagman, Esther Waters and The High Bright Sun. In 'Simba' (19... More

£24.99 DVD

Great British Movies: Crime

Basil Dearden, Ralph Thomas, 1953-63

Contains Turn the Key Softly (Lee, 1953), Checkpoint (Thomas, 1956), Sapphire (Dearden, 1959) and The Informers (Annakin, 1963). More

£21.99 DVD

Once a Jolly Swagman

Jack Lee, 1948

A British drama about a speedway racer, Once a Jolly Swagman stars Dirk Bogarde as Bill Fox, a factory worker in 1930s England who quits his job to become a ... More

£8.99 DVD

Robbery Under Arms

Jack Lee, 1957

Following the huge critical and commercial success of A Town Like Alice, this 1957 ‘Australian Western’ reunited Oscar winner Peter Finch and British directo... More

£8.99 DVD

The Captain's Table

Jack Lee, 1958

A comedy from director Jack Lee, The Captain's Table finds a Captain delighted to win his dream job at the helm of a luxury liner, only to find that it is ri... More

£8.99 DVD