Crime - Detective


Raquel Welch Box Set

Four movies from the unforgettably beautiful and underrated actress, one of the most enduring sta...


Gordon Douglas, 1968


Lady In Cement

Sinatra is Miami-based private eye Tony Rome, who finds a dead body set in concrete while diving....


John Sayles, 2004


Silver City (Sayles, 2004)

During a gubernatorial race in small-town Colorado, a mystery is uncovered involv...


Kang Woo-Seok, 2002


Public Enemy

When a corrupt cop and a remorseless killer come face to face, the two men attempt to outwit each...


John Malkovich, 2002


The Dancer Upstairs

Impressive directorial debut from Malkovich. Set in Latin America, this is the story of Police de...


John Singleton, 2000


Shaft (Singleton, 2000)

Remake of the 1971 blaxploitation classic with Samuel L. Jackson taking over from...