Classic Horror Movies

Georges Franju, 1960


Recommended Star

Les Yeux Sans Visage (Limited Edition)

Guilt-ridden after recklessly crashing his car and leaving his daughter (Edith Sc...


Victor M. Gover, 1946


The Curse of the Wraydons

Horror legend Tod Slaughter goes on a maniacal murder spree in The Curse of the W...


Terence Fisher, 1964


Recommended Star

The Earth Dies Screaming

A 1960s cult classic from Terence Fisher, The Earth Dies Screaming finally gets a...


Terence Fisher, 1962


The Phantom of the Opera (Fisher, 1962)

Directed by Terence Fisher, Hammer's 1962 version of Gaston Leroux's famous novel...


Elliot Nugent, 1939


The Cat And The Canary (1939)

There are spooky goings-on as a group of people assemble for the reading of a wil...


Mario Bava, Salvatore Billitteri, 1963


Black Sabbath

An atmosphere of dread and anxiety pervades this anthology of three terrifying tales of the super...


Val Guest, 1957


The Abominable Snowman

A classic early Hammer from a Nigel Kneale screenplay, The Abominable Snowman sees Peter Cushing ...


Alfred Hitchcock, 1963


The Birds

'The Birds Is Coming!' screeched the advance posters for one of Hitchcock's most complex, richly ...


Roger Corman, 1961


The Pit and the Pendulum

A horse-drawn carriage pulls up on a deserted beach. A sombre figure dismounts an...


Benjamin Christensen, 1922


Haxan / Witchcraft Through the Ages

A darkly humorous, genre-defying silent 'documentary', in which witchcraft throug...


Oswald Mitchell, 1948


House of Darkness

Featuring the cinema debut of Laurence Harvey and boasting a haunting score by George Melachrino,...


Kaneto Shindo, 1963

Onibaba (Masters of Cinema)

Kaneto Shindo, the prolific director of 48 films (The Naked Island, Kuroneko) who...


Stanley Kubrick, 1999


Recommended Star

Stanley Kubrick: Visionary Filmmaker Collection

The Stanley Kubrick: Visionary Filmmaker Collection on Blu-ray is a seven film co...




Old Mother Riley: The Collection

Six films featuring Arthur Lucan's classic drag act that proved enormously popula...


Stanley Kubrick,


Stanley Kubrick Special Edition Box Set

Includes special editions of 2001: A Space Odyssey; A Clockwork Orange; Eyes Wide...


Terence Fisher, 1968


Recommended Star

The Devil Rides Out

The Duc de Richleau (Christopher Lee) is concerned by the disappearance of his young friend Simon...


Robert Aldrich, 1962


Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

A hugely entertaining exercise in overheated American gothic from director Robert...


Gordon Hessler, 1969


Scream and Scream Again

In spite of its horror-bait title, this is actually an ambitious, fragmented 1969...