Classic Horror Movies

Roy William Neill, 1943


Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man (1943) (Universal Classics)

Coming as the War ended such innocence, this confr...


Erle C Kenton, 1942


The Ghost of Frankenstein

Two scientists - one good, one evil - vie with each other to endow the Monster wi...


Lance Comfort, 1965


Devils of Darkness

A writer on holiday in France begins to investigate his travelling companions' mysterious deaths....


Sidney Hayers, 1960


Recommended Star

Circus of Horrors

A lurid shocker from 1960 in which a plastic surgeon on the run after disfiguring the face of a p...


John Gilling, 1966


The Reptile

‘What strange power made her half woman - half snake?’ Filmed back-to-back with 'Plague Of The Zo...


John Gilling, 1965


The Plague of the Zombies

An excellent mid-period Hammer horror, The Plague of the Zombies transplants Hait...



Ealing Studios Box Set 2

Includes four classic films from the beloved studio. Features The Lavender Hill M...




Classic Box Sets: Bette Davis

Three films starring the 'Queen of the Box Office' of the 1940s, Bette Davis. Fea...


Franklin Schaffner, 1968


Planet of the Apes (1968) (2 discs)

A landmark piece of sci-fi monkey business in which astronaut Taylor crash lands ...


Roger Corman, 1964


The Masque Of The Red Death

Roger Corman's adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's story sees Vincent Price play the ...


Kurt Neumann, 1958


The Fly (1958)

Classic science fiction on a gene-splicing theme which tells a familiar tale of science gone awry...


Karl Freund, Arnold Jack, 1932, 1954


The Mummy / Creature From The Black Lagoon

Horror double bill with the original and still unsurpassed version of The Mummy -...


Kurt Neumann, Edward Bernds, 1958-59


The Fly (1958) / The Return Of The Fly

A pairing of the 'science gone awry' classics from the 1950s.


Peter Sasdy, 1969

Taste The Blood Of Dracula

A depraved satanist purchases articles once belonging to Count Dracula. From that...


James Whale, 1933


The Invisible Man (1933)

This masterly version of HG Wells's' classic fantasy tale stands up to scrutiny s...


Rene Cardona Snr, 1968


Night of the Bloody Apes: Uncut

One of the original banned 'video nasties' of the 1980s, this lurid Mexican goref...


Mario Bava, 1969


Hatchet for the Honeymoon

'My name is John Harrington. I'm 30 years old. I'm a paranoiac. Paranoiac. An enc...


Tod Browning, 1931



The classic Hollywood version of the vampire tale, based on Hamilton Deane's theatrical adaptatio...