Classic Comedy

Paul L. Stein, 1945


Kiss the Bride Goodbye

A 1945 British romantic comedy drama from Paul L. Stein (Lisbon Story), Kiss the Bride Goodbye wa...


Gregory La Cava, 1939


5th Avenue Girl

A sparkling screwball comedy, 5th Avenue Girl stars Ginger Rogers as a young lady determined to s...


John Boulting, 1956


Private's Progress

Ian Carmichael plays the upper class twit who causes military mayhem when he joins up in the army...


Herbert Mason, 1944


It's in the Bag

One of the BFI's 75 Most Wanted films listed as 'Missing, Believed Lost', It's in the Bag stars C...


Muriel Box, 1957


The Passionate Stranger

Pairing Margaret Leighton and Ralph Richardson, two of Britain’s most accomplishe...


Frank Launder, 1965


Joey Boy

Featuring a legendary comedy line-up, Joey Boy charts the wartime misadventures of a gang of Lond...


Rene Clair, 1955


Les Grandes Manoeuvres

In 1913 a rakish army lieutenant (Gerard Philipe) takes a bet that he can win any...


David MacDonald, 1961


Petticoat Pirates

Charlie ‘The Worker’ Drake teams up with Anne Heywood for this seagoing comedy. As a loveable, ti...


Jacques Feyder, 1935


La Kermesse Heroique

A joyfully immoral satire set in the early 1600s in a Flemish town facing invasion from the Spani...


Peter Graham Scott, 1959


The Headless Ghost

One of the first films made in Britain by B-movie maestro Herman Cohen, The Headless Ghost is an ...


Robert Stevenson, 1964


Mary Poppins

Stuffy parents in Victorian London are looking for a nanny, but the children write their own ad w...


Michael Sarne, 1968


Recommended Star


Billed on the film's original release as 'the female Alfie', 17 year-old Joanna is cool, stylish,...


Oswald Mitchell, Challis Sanderson, 1936


Cavalcade of Variety / Stars on Parade

Stars on Parade: A 1936 musical film directed by Oswald Mitchell and Challis Sand...


Robert Hamer, 1949


Kind Hearts and Coronets (Remastered)

Kind Hearts & Coronets is one of the most perfect of the Golden Age Ealing comedi...


Mel Brooks, 1967


The Producers

Failed Broadway producer Max (Zero Mostel) and timid accountant Leo (Gene Wilder) come up with a ...


Henry Cornelius, 1953


Genevieve (Special Edition)

A charming, gentle car rally comedy, Genevieve was a huge box office hit in its d...


Yuzo Kawashima, 1957


Must Watch Star

Bakumatsu Taiyō-Den (Masters of Cinema)

Voted one of the top five Japanese films ever made in a critic's poll by Japan's ...


Ken Annakin, 1956


Three Men in a Boat

Adapted from the novel by Jerome K Jerome, George (Laurence Harvey), Harris (Jimmy Edwards) and J...