Classic Comedy

Otto Preminger, 1937


Danger - Love At Work

A screwball comedy in which a lackadaisacal lawyer tries to get the kooky Pemberton family to agr...


Rene Clair, 1931


A Nous la Liberte

One of the greatest of all film comedies makes its DVD debut, and comes up as fresh as paint. Ren...


Walt Disney, Ub Iwerks, 1928-34


Walt Disney's Vintage Mickey

Nine classic animated adventures featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse (both voiced b...


Norman Lee, 1933


The Pride of the Force

This lively comedy of 1933 provided an early film role for Leslie Fuller, and sees the popular ru...


Henry Cass, 1950


Last Holiday

Alec Guinness stars in the classic British comedy Last Holiday as a salesman of agricultural mach...


Gilbert Gunn, 1961


What a Whopper

Coming after Operation Bullshine and My Wife's Family, What A Whopper is a comedy from former doc...


John Boulting, Sidney Gilliatt, 1959-63


Comic Icons: Peter Sellers Collection

Comic actor Peter Sellers stars in three of his classic comedies from the late 19...


Preston Sturges, 1941


Sullivan's Travels

Writer-director Preston Sturges had an inspired run in the 1940s, turning out some of the funnies...


Luis Bunuel, 1964-77


Luis Buñuel Collection

Seven great, late films from Luis Bunuel, master filmmaker and incorrigible scourge of the bourge...


Sadao Yamanaka, 1935-37


Recommended Star

The Complete (Existing) Films of Sadao Yamanaka (Masters of Ci...

The brief but prodigious career of Japanese directo...


David Lean, 1953


Hobson's Choice (60th Anniversary Edition)

A beautifully observed comedy, Hobson's Choice sees a drunken, tyrannical Lancash...


Frank Launder, 1954


The Belles of St Trinian's (60th Anniversary Edition)

The first of the St.Trinian’s films, based on the c...


Various (Compilation), 1948-51


Recommended Star

Three Films by Somerset Maugham: Trio, Encore and Quartet

Three sets of adaptations of Somerset Maugham's sho...


Leo McCarey, 1937


The Awful Truth

Love is a comic battlefield, especially when presided over by two superbly-matched sparring partn...


Michael Cort, 1969


Zeta One

When a race of topless female aliens arrives on the planet Earth looking for a man to propagate t...


Karl Hartl, 1937


Recommended Star

The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes

Hans Albers and Heinz Rühmann play the two confidence tricksters who, for their o...


Jean-Jacques Vierne, 1961


Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece

One of the very few adaptations to meet with Tintin creator Hergé’s approval, Tin...


Gerard Oury, 1966


Recommended Star

La Grande Vadrouille

Comedy - for forty years the most successful French film in France of all time - about how the cr...