Classic Comedy

Walter Forde, 1941


The Ghost Train

A group of rail passengers travelling to Cornwall miss their connections and have to spend a nigh...


Val Guest, 1964


The Beauty Jungle

1960s British comedy drama in which a young woman finds a new career as a beauty queen, but soon ...


Otto Preminger, 1937


Danger - Love At Work

A screwball comedy in which a lackadaisacal lawyer tries to get the kooky Pemberton family to agr...


Rene Clair, 1931


A Nous la Liberte

One of the greatest of all film comedies makes its DVD debut, and comes up as fresh as paint. Ren...


Walt Disney, Ub Iwerks, 1928-34


Walt Disney's Vintage Mickey

Nine classic animated adventures featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse (both voiced b...


Herbert Wilcox, 1950


Into the Blue

A mysterious stowaway opens the door to adventure for two unsuspecting holidaymakers in Into the ...


Roy Ward Baker, 1963


Two Left Feet

Based on David Stuart Leslieís novel In My Solitude and featuring support from Blow Up icon David...


Billy Wilder, 1955


The Seven Year Itch

Happily married for seven years to the lovely Helen, and with a great job and a little space cade...


Henry Cass, 1950


Last Holiday

Alec Guinness stars in the classic British comedy Last Holiday as a salesman of agricultural mach...


Basil Dearden, Will Hay, 1942


The Goose Steps Out

Classic Will Hay comedy in which he plays inept schoolmaster William Potts, who is parachuted int...


Alfred Hitchcock, 1955


The Trouble with Harry

The Trouble with Harry is that he is dead. Everybody seems to feel responsible for his death and ...


Leo McCarey, 1933


Duck Soup

A pointed political satire of 30s Europe featuring Groucho as Rufus T Firefly, the dictator of st...


Milos Forman, 1967


Recommended Star

The Fireman's Ball

Forman's hilarious, deadpan satirical comedy about a provincial firemen's ball descending into co...


David Lean, 1953


Hobson's Choice (60th Anniversary Edition)

A beautifully observed comedy, Hobson's Choice sees a drunken, tyrannical Lancash...


Frank Launder, 1954


The Belles of St Trinian's (60th Anniversary Edition)

The first of the St.Trinianís films, based on the c...


Bert Tracy, Arthur Mertz, 1935


Boots! Boots! / Off the Dole

A double-bill of George Formby's first two feature films - Boots! Boots! (Tracy, ...


Gregory Ratoff, 1940


Recommended Star

I Was an Adventuress

A delightful crime comedy drama starring Peter Lorre, Erich von Stroheim and - in a rare big scre...


John Boulting, 1959


I'm All Right, Jack

A breakthrough film for Peter Sellers, who, as fiery union rep. Fred Kite, proved that he was mor...