Classic Comedy

Billy Wilder, 1959


Some Like It Hot

Billy Wilder's gender-bending comedy, Some Like It Hot blends madcap capers with some of the shar...




Recommended Star

Comic Icons: Will Hay Collection

A collection of three films starring the legendary comedian Will Hay. Features Ra...


William A Seiter, 1934


Laurel and Hardy: Sons of the Desert and Related Shorts

Perhaps Laurel and Hardy's best feature, plus short...


Jon Favreau, 2014



Carl Caspter, a celebrated LA chef, finds his life and career on the line when his restaurant is ...


Thomas Bentley, 1940


The Middle Watch

British comedy starring Jack Buchanan and Greta Gynt. After battleship Captain Mailtand (Buchanan...


Montgomery Tully, 1952


Girdle of Gold

A charming 1950s comedy set in a Welsh village where Evans the Milk and Griffiths the Hearse sear...


Philip Brandon, Redd Davis, 1942-43


The Balloon Goes Up / Up with the Lark

Double bill of musical comedies from the 1940s starring double act Ethel Revnell ...


Anthony Mann, 1958


God's Little Acre

Both humorous and heartrending, God's Little Acre, based on Erskine Caldwell's steamy bestselling...


King Donovan, 1963


Promises! Promises!

Jayne Mansfield bares almost all in this sexy shipboard romp in which, after a drunken spree, two...


Alexander Mackendrick, 1949


Whisky Galore! (Restored)

The classic Ealing comedy Whisky Galore! is (via a Compton Mackenzie novel) based...


Gerald Thomas, 1961


Raising the Wind

Comedy caper starring a host of familiar faces in which a group of students at a prestigious musi...


Robert Z Leonard, 1933


Recommended Star

Dancing Lady

Janie (Joan Crawford) lives to dance and will dance anywhere - even in a Burlesque theatre. Rich ...


Marcel Varnel, 1946


George Formby Film Collection

Contains Much Too Shy, Get Cracking (1943), Bell-Bottom George (1944), I Didn't D...


Ernst Lubitsch, 1937


Angel (Lubitsch, 1937)

Dietrich flutters her eyelashes and flirts between an English diplomat and an American old flame ...


Roy Boulting, 1966


The Family Way

Based on Bill Naughton's play 'All in Good Time', this is a warm and often funny story of an inno...


Anthony Kimmins, 1935-41


Recommended Star

Comic Icons: George Formby

A collection of seven films starring George Formby. Features No Limit (Montague B...


Anthony Pelissier, 1949


The History of Mr Polly

John Mills stars in this celebrated adaptation of HG Wells's classic story in whi...


Ken Annakin, 1965


Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines

Set in the early 1900's, this crazy comedy adventure tells of daring airmen, all ...