Science Fiction & Fantasy Blu-rays

Marc Forster, 2013


World War Z

A big-budget zombie apocalypse thriller, World War Z stars Brad Pitt as a UN employee and committ...


Christopher Nolan, 2005-12


The Dark Knight Trilogy (Ultimate Collector's Edition)

All three films in director Christopher Nolan's epi...


Lee Unkrich, Andrew Stanton, 2003


Finding Nemo

A wonderful Pixar film, Finding Nemo became the first animated film to receive a Best Screenplay ...


Stanley Kubrick, 1971


A Clockwork Orange (Double Play)

Kubrick's controversial screen version of the novel by Anthony Burgess remains a ...


Gordon Flemyng, 1965


Dr. Who and the Daleks

Dr. Who and the Daleks was the first big screen film adaptation of British TV's most iconic sci-f...


Peter Jackson,


Recommended Star

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (3D Edition)

The first of three epic instalments in director Peter Jackson's blockbuster prequ...


Robert Lepage, 2011


Siegfried: Metropolitan Opera (Lepage, 2011)

Texan tenor Jay Hunter Morris stars in the title role of The Metropolitan's 2011 ...


Gary Ross, 2012


Recommended Star

The Hunger Games (2 discs)

Sci-fi thriller The Hunger Games, based on the best-selling novels by Suzanne Col...


Various (Compilation), 1962-2008


James Bond: Bond 50

Box set containing all 22 James Bond movies produced so far: 'Dr No' (1962), 'From Russia With Lo...


James Cameron, 1984


The Terminator

James Cameron's much-imitated sci-fi classic. Schwarzenegger is the relentless killing machin...


Guillermo del Toro, 1997



Three years after creating the Judas breed - a new species of insect - in order to wipe out plagu...


George Lucas, 1999-2005


Star Wars Trilogy: Episodes 1-3

A triple bill containing episodes I-III of George Lucas's hugely popular 'Star Wa...


Pierre Coffin, 2010


Despicable Me (3D)

Animated children's comedy about an arch-criminal who has a change of heart. Trying to outdo his ...


Alexandre Aja, 2010


Piranha (3D Edition)

A remake of the 1970s B-movie horror, the new Piranha arrives in 3D! Elisabeth Shue stars as Juli...


J.J. Abrams, 2009


Star Trek (Abrams, 2009)

Big-budget reinvention of the classic 1960s sci-fi adventure series. The film chr...


Tomm Moore, Nora Twomey, 2009


The Secret of Kells

Oscar-nominated animated feature based on the ancient Celtic tale of the Book of Kells. Young orp...


Susanna White, 2010


Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang

Emma Thompson reprises her role as Nanny McPhee, the mysterious nanny with unsett...


Ralph Bakshi, 1977



One of the most ambitious and inventive films from legendary animator Ralph Bakshi, Wizards is a ...