3D Blu-ray

You can now watch 3D films at home! Blu-ray 3D is the new format for playing 3D films in high-definition quality on your television.

To make it work you need a 3D television, a compatible Blu-ray player and special glasses. This system uses active shutter technology, which is different to the passive polarising 3D they use at the cinema - the battery powered gl... [+]

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3D Blu-ray Film Listing

Jack Arnold, 1954


Creature from the Black Lagoon (3D) (Limited Edition Steelbook)

In Creature from The Black Lagoon, an Amazon expedi...


Alfonso Cuaron, 2012


Gravity (3D)

A mesmerising sci-fi thriller that has been heaped with deserved awards, Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity...


Alfonso Cuaron, 2012


Gravity (3D) (Steelbook)

A mesmerising sci-fi thriller that has been heaped with deserved awards, Alfonso ...


Zack Snyder, 2013


Man of Steel (3D)

An action adventure feature, Man of Steel is based on the DC Comics hero. After being sent to...


Pete Travis, 2012


Dredd (3D)

Karl Urban stars in this sci-fi action thriller based on the 2000 AD comic series. In a desol...


Peter Jackson,


Recommended Star

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (3D Edition)

The first of three epic instalments in director Peter Jackson's blockbuster prequ...


Martin Scorsese, 2011


Recommended Star

Hugo (3D)

An extravagant, elegant fantasy that draws inspiration from an unabashed love for the magic of ci...


Peter Jackson, 2012


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Extended Edition (3D)

The extended cut of the first of three epic instalm...


Richard de Aragues, 2011


TT: Closer to the Edge (3D Edition)

The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, the TT race, is the greatest motorcycle road race...


Guillermo del Toro, 2013


Pacific Rim (3D) (Steelbook)

Sci-fi action feature directed and co-written by Guillermo del Toro, Pacific Rim ...


Joss Whedon, 2012


Recommended Star

Marvel Avengers Assemble (3D)

Superhero action thriller based on Marvel comic characters. Nick Fury (Samuel L. ...


Carl Rinsch, 2013


47 Ronin (Rinsch, 2013) (3D)

Keanu Reeves stars in this US remake of the Japanese tale about the revenge of th...


David Yates, 2010


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (3D)

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, the seventh and final adventure in the Harr...


Lee Unkrich, Andrew Stanton, 2003


Finding Nemo (3D)

A wonderful Pixar film, Finding Nemo became the first animated film to receive a Best Screenplay ...


Joseph Kosinski, 2010


TRON: Legacy (3D)

The sci-fi action adventure sequel to the 1982 film TRON, TRON: Legacy sees Garrett Hedlund play ...


Sam Fell, Chris Butler, 2012


Recommended Star

ParaNorman (3D)

The makers of 'Coraline' return with this feature-length animated adventure about a boy who can t...


James Cameron, 1997


Titanic (3D)

The most expensive, most romantic, most spectacular, most successful film of its day, Titanic - w...


Paul W.S. Anderson, 2011


The Three Musketeers (3D)

Logan Lerman, Orlando Bloom and Milla Jovovich star in Paul W.S. Anderson's adapt...