Action & Adventure - War

Julian Amyes, 1956


A Hill in Korea

Based on real events, this vintage war movie charts the fortunes of a small group of British sold...


Wolfgang Petersen, 2004



Swords and sandals abound in this epic tale of love and war starring Brad Pitt as the muscle-boun...


Sidney J. Furie, 1988


Iron Eagle 2

The sequel to Iron Eagle has Colonel Sinclair heading a secret mission to the Middle East and joi...


Werner Herzog, 2006


Recommended Star

Rescue Dawn

Based on the true story of Lt. Dieter Dengler, Rescue Dawn stars Christian Bale as a US pilot who...


Various (Compilation),


Cinema Legends - Ernest Hemingway

Features The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Farewell to Arms.


John Sturges, 1976


The Eagle Has Landed

A group of German paratroopers are dropped over England with a mission to kidnap Winston Churchil...


Various (Compilation), 1952-65


Marlon Brando Collection - The Fugitive Kind/The Young Lions/M...

Four films starring the great Marlon Brando. 'Actin...


Ron Winston, 1966


Ambush Bay

With a stellar cast including Mickey Rooney and Hugh O'Brian, Ambush Bay is a gritty World War II...


J. Lee Thompson, 1958


Ice Cold In Alex

A tense, engrossing adventure set in the 1942 Libyan war zone in the hot Western Desert, Ice Cold...


Ridley Scott, 2005


Kingdom of Heaven

A spectacular epic set in the time of the Crusades. A blacksmith, Balian, discovers that his fath...


Ken Annakin, 1965


Battle Of The Bulge

This star-studded World War II spectacular tells the story of the tank battles of December 1944, ...


Edward Ludwig, 1944


The Fighting Seabees

John Wayne takes a crew of construction workers and turns them into one of WWII's toughest fighti...


Edward Dmytryk, 1945


Back to Bataan

In Back To Bataan, John Wayne plays Colonel Joe Madden, a tough officer serving under General Mac...


Lewis Milestone, 1950


The Halls Of Montezuma

Epic American war movie about the Pacific Campaign, starring Richard Widmark as a...


Henry Hathaway, 1946


13 Rue Madeleine

Good semi-documentary WWII spy film which reveals the workings of the Office of Strategic Service...


Ronald F. Maxwell, 2003


Gods And Generals

People from both sides of the American Civil War are given equal prominence in this account of th...


H. Bruce Humberstone, 1942


To The Shores Of Tripoli

Largely shot at the Marines' major Pacific base in San Diego, this rare Technicol...


Henry Hathaway, 1944


Wing And A Prayer

Well-made airborne WWII drama, set on an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific, has a little more...