Action & Adventure - War

Various , 1976


John Wayne: Complete Paramount Collection

Box set containing fourteen John Wayne films: Island in the Sky (1953), Hondo (19...


Anthony M. Dawson, 1988


The Commander

The third in a triptych of Italian jungle combat adventures that includes Commando Leopard and Co...


Henry Hathaway, 1946


13 Rue Madeleine

Good semi-documentary WWII spy film which reveals the workings of the Office of Strategic Service...


Dick Powell, 1957


The Enemy Below

In the North Atlantic during World War II, an American destroyer detects a German U-boat. The Ame...


Hideyuki Hirayama, 2011


Battle of the Pacific

With epic battle scenes reminiscent of Tora! Tora! Tora!, Battle of the Pacific is a classic war ...


King Vidor, 1940


Northwest Passage

King Vidor's first Technicolor film, Northwest Passage tells the story of Robert Rogers, the cele...


John Huston, 1951


The African Queen (Special Restoration Edition)

Humphrey Bogart, captain of riverboat 'The African Queen', won an Oscar for his p...


Andrew V. McLaglen, Richard Fleischer, 1979


British Heroes Collection

Five action and adventure movies. Contains The Wild Geese, Zulu Dawn, Ashanti, Ja...


Richard Attenborough, 1977


A Bridge Too Far

Based on the book by Cornelius Ryan, Attenborough's star-studded WWII blockbuster relates the all...


Mitchell Leisen, 1947


Golden Earrings

Dietrich plays Hungarian gypsy Lydia in this movie set in WWII. When she meets an English Intelli...


Anthony Asquith, 1935-70


Recommended Star

John Mills Centenary Collection (Volume 2)

Seven films starring the popular British actor. Features Car of Dreams (Graham Cu...


John Sturges, 1976


The Eagle Has Landed

A group of German paratroopers are dropped over England with a mission to kidnap Winston Churchil...


Various (Compilation), 1952-65


Marlon Brando Collection - The Fugitive Kind/The Young Lions/M...

Four films starring the great Marlon Brando. 'Actin...


John Sturges, 1963


The Great Escape (The Definitive Edition)

One of the all-time greats of suspenseful adventure films, The Great Escape is se...


Ronald F. Maxwell, 2003


Gods And Generals

People from both sides of the American Civil War are given equal prominence in this account of th...


Robert Aldrich, 1967


The Dirty Dozen

Aldrich's most commercially successful movie. Wartime action heroics from a motley bunch of death...


Zoltan Korda, 1943



After the fall of Tobruk Sergeant Joe Gunn and his men retreat across the desert, picking up an a...


Paul Verhoeven, 1999


Starship Troopers

Verhoeven’s mischievous sci-fi shoot-em-up has always divided opinion. Does it achieve a higher p...