Action & Adventure - War

Werner Herzog, 2006


Rescue Dawn

Based on the true story of Lt. Dieter Dengler, Rescue Dawn stars Christian Bale as a US pilot who...


John Sturges, 1976


The Eagle Has Landed (Special Edition)

A group of German paratroopers are dropped over England with a mission to kidnap ...


John Sturges, 1963


The Great Escape (The Definitive Edition)

One of the all-time greats of suspenseful adventure films, The Great Escape is se...


J. Lee Thompson, 1961


The Guns of Navarone (Ultimate Edition)

Concealed deep within a cliff on a Greek island, impregnable to assault by sea or...


Oliver Stone, 1986


Salvador (Special Edition)

With the promise of drink, drugs and easy sex, a veteran war photo-journalist per...


Zoltan Korda, 1939


The Four Feathers (1939)

A classic tale of cowardice and bravery, Alexander Kordaís Oscar-nominated adapta...


Steven Spielberg, 1998


Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan is Steven Spielberg's Oscar winning, epic World War 2 drama set against the b...


David O Russell, 2000


Three Kings

In the aftermath of the Gulf War, US soldiers Major Archie Gates (George Clooney), Sergeant Troy ...


Alexander Kott, 2010


Fortress of War

Fortress of War tells the story of the heroic defence of the Brest fortress in Belarus that was a...


Richard Holm, 2011


Beyond the Border

An intense WWII action drama about the rescue of two missing Swedish soldiers, Beyond the Border ...


An Lan, 2008


Axis of War: Night Raid

The third and final instalment of the Chinese Axis of War trilogy. July 1937. ...


John Woo, 2008


Red Cliff

Historical action epic based on one of Asia's most popular novels, 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms...


Feng Xiaogang, 2007



After a stunning opening battle sequence that bears comparison to Saving Private Ryan, this spect...


Arthur Hiller, 1967



Rock Hudson and George Peppard star in this explosive hard-hitting World War II epic. Based on a ...


Paul Wendkos, 1968


Attack On the Iron Coast

World War II action drama starring Lloyd Bridges. Bridges plays Major Jamie Wilso...


John Sturges, Don Siegel, 1975


Clint Eastwood: The Collection

Box set of eight classic Clint Eastwood films - Coogan's Bluff (Siegel, 1968), Tw...


Andrew Marton, Ken Annakin, 1962


The Longest Day (Steelbook)

A sprawling, blockbuster war film, old Hollywood style, The Longest Day sees a pl...


Paul Greengrass, 2010


Green Zone

Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass re-unite for their latest electrifying thriller in Green ...