Action & Adventure - War

Nikita Mikhalkov, 2010-11


Burnt by the Sun 2: Exodus & Citadel

Nikita Mikhalkov directs and stars in this two-part Russian war sequel to 'Burnt ...


John Ford, 1939


Drums Along the Mohawk

John Ford's first film in Technicolor (which recently perfected far richer shadings of colour tha...


Mark Robson, 1966


Lost Command

Action-packed war film followsing the adventures of a group of French paratroopers. Leading the s...


Åke Lindman, Sakari Kirjavainen, 2007


1944: The Final Defence

A historically accurate Finnish war film told through five separate stories, Batt...


Cyril Endfield, 1963


Zulu (50th Anniversary Edition)

Michael Caine stars in this vigorous account of the Battle of Rorke's Drift in 18...


Kathryn Bigelow, 2012


Must Watch Star

Zero Dark Thirty

A controversial military action thriller from Kathryn Bigelow (Strange Days, The Hurt Locker) abo...


Noam Murro, 2014


300: Rise of an Empire (3D)

Sullivan Stapleton, Rodrigo Santoro and Eva Green star in this action prequel to ...


Gavin Hood, 2013


Ender's Game

Asa Butterfield and Ben Kingsley star in this entertaining science-fiction movie based on Orson ...


Arnaud des Pallières, 2013


Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas

Based on the novella by Heinrich von Kleist, Age of Uprising is a sweeping 16th c...


Andrew Marton, Ken Annakin, 1962


The Longest Day

A sprawling, blockbuster war film, old Hollywood style, The Longest Day sees a plethora of A-list...


J. Lee Thompson, 1961


The Guns of Navarone (Ultimate Edition)

Concealed deep within a cliff on a Greek island, impregnable to assault by sea or...


Wolfgang Petersen, 1981


Das Boot (Director's Cut)

An incredibly intense and powerful drama, Wolfgang Petersen's Das Boot depicts th...


Zoltan Korda, 1939


The Four Feathers (Korda, 1939)

A classic tale of cowardice and bravery, Alexander Korda’s Oscar-nominated adapta...


Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, 1941


Recommended Star

One of Our Aircraft is Missing

Based on the methods actually employed by Dutch citizens who smuggled stranded Al...


Guillermo del Toro, 2013


Pacific Rim (Plus UltraViolet)

Sci-fi action feature directed and co-written by Guillermo del Toro, Pacific Rim ...


Aleksei Balabanov, 2004



A starkly realistic war drama set in Russia at the height of the Chechnya conflict. A British...


Francis Ford Coppola, 1979


Apocalypse Now

Sheen hunts down a renegade Colonel in Coppola's legendary, drug-soaked, hallucinatory journey up...


Douglas Hickox, 1979


Zulu Dawn

The story of the 1879 battle of Isandlhwana, one of the worst defeats in British colonial history...