Action & Adventure - Period, Costume, Historical

Arthur Rankin Jr, Jules Bass, 1982


The Last Unicorn

Weary of being alone in the vast forest, unicorn Amalthea (Mia Farrow) begins to wonder if she's ...


Edward Zwick, 2003


The Last Samurai

Civil War veteran Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) is assigned to train the Japanese Emperor’s troops a...


Peter Weir, 2003


Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World

Based on a series of books by Patrick O'Brian, and directed by Peter Weir, Master...


Sam Mendes, 2002


Road To Perdition

Tom Hanks stars in this gangster drama set in the American Midwest during the 1930s. Twelve-year-...


David O Russell, 2000


Three Kings

In the aftermath of the Gulf War, US soldiers Major Archie Gates (George Clooney), Sergeant Troy ...


Akira Kurosawa, 1954


Seven Samurai

One of the greatest films ever made, Kurosawa’s epic adventure Seven Samurai (1954) has influence...


Jean-Jacques Annaud, 1981


Recommended Star

Quest for Fire

A multi-award winning film by Jean-Jacques Annaud, Quest for Fire presents an extraordinary view ...


Antonio Hernandez, 2011


Order of the Grail

Spanish historical action adventure set in the 12th century, Order of the Grail is centred around...


Takeshi Kitano, 2002-05


3 Films by Takeshi Kitano

Contains Takeshis' (2005), Zatoichi (2003) and Dolls (2002). Takeshis': Cult J...


Yevgheny Fridman, 1971


Treasure Island (Fridman, 1971)

Russian version of the classic adventure tale by Robert Louis Stevenson. Aare Laa...


John Woo, 2008


Red Cliff

Historical action epic based on one of Asia's most popular novels, 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms...


Peter Chan, 2007


The Warlords

Lavish historical action film telling the story of a trio of warriors in the era of the Qing Dyna...


Yoji Yamada, 2004


The Hidden Blade

Set in then mid-19th century, this is an exploration of Samurai ethics and forbidden love. Munezo...


John Sturges, Don Siegel, 1975


Clint Eastwood: The Collection

Box set of eight classic Clint Eastwood films - Coogan's Bluff (Siegel, 1968), Tw...


Mel Gibson, 1997


Braveheart (Steelbook)

In 14th century Scotland, the English nobles are staking their claim for lands and the Scottish t...


Stanley Kramer, 1957


The Pride and the Passion

Set in Spain during the Napoleonic wars and based on the novel by CS Forester, Th...


Carl Rinsch, 2013


47 Ronin (Rinsch, 2013)

Keanu Reeves stars in this US remake of the Japanese tale about the revenge of th...


Randall Wallace, 1998


The Man in the Iron Mask (Wallace, 1998)

A rousing adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' classic tale. In Paris, 1662, the t...