Action & Adventure - Period, Costume, Historical

Cheh Chang, 1974


The Shaw Brothers Collection - Heroes Two

One of the great martial arts films and a true landmark feature in kung fu film f...


Cheh Chang, 1970


The Shaw Brothers Collection - The Heroic Ones

The quintessential Shaw Brothers film and one of the all-time classics of Hong Ko...


Michael Gordon, 1950


Cyrano de Bergerac (1950)

A cinematic adaptation of Rostand's classic romantic play based on Savinien Cyran...


Ronald F. Maxwell, 2003


Gods And Generals (Rental)

People from both sides of the American Civil War are given equal prominence in th...


Ron Clements, 1997

Hercules (Disney)

Disney's animated re-telling of the Greek myth of Hercules, the mortal son of Zeus with superhuma...


Takeshi Kitano, 2003


Zatoichi (Kitano)

Takeshi 'Beat' Kitano, best known for his 1997 film 'Hana-Bi', revives the Japanese fictional act...


Clarence Brown, 1925


The Eagle (Brown, 1925)

Silent feature based on Pushkin's story Dubrowsky, in which a Cossack lieutenant ...


Gerald Thomas, 1967


Carry On Dont Lose Your Head (Special Edition)

As usual the Carry On Gang destroy everything sacred about the classic story of t...


Nagisa Oshima, 1999



Samurai drama set in an all-male school in 1865. A young recruit joins the elite Shinsengumi figh...


Ridley Scott, 1992


1492 - Conquest Of Paradise

The life and times of adventurer/explorer Christopher Columbus from his triumph a...