Action & Adventure - Comedy

Francis Glebis, 2003


Piglets Big Movie

Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Rabbit set out on hunny-gathering scheme but won't let Piglet...


Leslie Martinson, 1966


Batman - The Movie (Wide Screen)

The original movie spin-off from the 1960s television series in which Batman and ...


Todd Solondz, 2004



13 year-old Aviva Victor wants to be a mum. Although she comes close to succeeding, she is thwart...


Daniel Mann, 1966


Our Man Flint

Spy spoof and exciting action adventure in which Flint battles Gila, the sexy head agent whose or...


Gordon Douglas, 1967


In Like Flint

The ultimate spy spoof in which Flint does battle with a group of wealthy female tycoons who have...


Jim Abrahams, 1993


Hot Shots! Part Deux

Sequel to Hot Shots! and a Rambo parody. Former renegade pilot Topper Harley is, once again, recr...


Jim Abrahams, 1991


Hot Shots!

A spoof of Top Gun in which a renegade pilot finds himself coping with an incompetent admiral and...


Michael Davis, 2003


Monster Man

Two college friends find themselves in a sticky situation on a deserted highway when they upset a...


Stephen Chow, 2001


Shaolin Soccer

Highly original comedy in which a Shaolin Kung-Fu practitioner looking for a way to spread the wo...


Chia-Liang Liu, 1975


The Shaw Brothers Collection - The Spiritual Boxer

An action-comedy concerning a spiritual boxing master whose bogus ceremonies and ...


Takashi Miike,


Young Thugs - Nostalgia

A comedy-drama sequel to Miike's semi-autobigraphical 'Innocent Blood' in which h...


John Carpenter, 1986


Big Trouble In Little China

Following Escape from New York and The Thing, John Carpenter and Kurt Russell re-...


Gerald Thomas, 1967


Carry On Dont Lose Your Head (Special Edition)

As usual the Carry On Gang destroy everything sacred about the classic story of t...


Steven Soderbergh, 2001


Oceans Eleven

Remake of the rat pack “classic”, Soderbergh stylishly sends 11 men to rob a casino in sensationa...


John Lasseter , 1998


A Bug's Life

Pixar's inventive comedy sees an an ant colony defending itself against bandit grasshoppers. Ever...


Jim Abrahams, 1991, 1993


Hot Shots! / Hot Shots! Part Deux

A pairing of the Hot Shots! parodies.


Guy Ritchie, 1998


Lock, Stock (Book)

Guy Ritchie's directorial debut, and the film that defines his exuberant signature style. Over...