Action & Adventure - Comedy

Gerald Thomas, 1967


Carry On Dont Lose Your Head (Special Edition)

As usual the Carry On Gang destroy everything sacred about the classic story of t...


Steven Soderbergh, 2001

Oceans Eleven

Remake of the rat pack “classic”, Soderbergh stylishly sends 11 men to rob a casino in sensationa...


John Lasseter , 1998

A Bug's Life

Pixar's inventive comedy sees an an ant colony defending itself against bandit grasshoppers. Ever...


Jim Abrahams, 1991, 1993


Hot Shots! / Hot Shots! Part Deux

A pairing of the Hot Shots! parodies.


Guy Ritchie, 1998

Lock, Stock (Book)

Guy Ritchie's directorial debut, and the film that defines his exuberant signature style. Over...